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The Covid-19 crisis is affecting clean energy companies and projects. While some report rising sales, others are facing serious challenges. Many projects and companies need to either revisit existing plans and financing schemes or raise additional funding. In any case, there is a need to assess the situation and existing business plans, restructure financing arrangements, and access additional funds, including relief funds.

The GET.invest Finance Catalyst is offering adapted support for both existing as well as new clients. Applicants in need of urgent support to address acute and critical finance-related problems caused by the Covid-19 crisis can access our services in an accelerated process with a reaction time of no more than one week. This support focuses on business continuity to companies that are already in operation. Our team of advisors is fully up-to-date with emerging relief support efforts and can assist clients in finding the right solutions.

Our Covid-19 related support offer

Covid-19 is changing the circumstances of doing business, and it also means that support to energy businesses must adapt. Based on surveys as well as external and internal consultations, GET.invest now offers Covid-19 related support in the areas of strategy including business continuity, business and financial structuring as well as financial modelling, access to finance support, and transaction advisory. The examples below show different advisory topics, but are not conclusive:

Investment Strategy, “birds’-eye view” advice on how to deal with the crisis, for example:
Analysis and due diligence of current financing structure and operational situation (cash flow, funding); financial forecasting support; information on changing market conditions, finance environment and regulations; strategic advice on financial sustainability.

Structuring Support on how to structure, and if necessary, restructure the project or company, in terms of business model, management, and financial models, for example:
Connecting with the wider sector to share resources and operational solutions, and sharing lessons learned from the Finance Catalyst experience; assistance with review of business planning and business continuity; assistance in understanding respective legal positions with regards to current financial obligations of the company in the face of Covid-19; in-company Covid-19 response project management, in particular staff retention, furlough or layoff; financial (re)modelling support to inform adjustments to the Covid-19 situation.

Access to Finance Support to identify appropriate and available financing sources and their modalities, for example:
Information on and introductions to available relief funds and their modalities, or other accessible sources of funding; advice on which type of emergency / relief funding is most appropriate and desirable, and support in applications; matching funding needs with available funding.

Transaction Support in negotiations with key stakeholders, including financiers (e.g. on restructuring) or public agencies such as regulators, for example:
Assistance in managing debt service relief approach, loan restructuring and negotiation; assistance in managing creditor relief approach and negotiation; support to negotiations with in-country actors, such as regulatory or other relevant governmental agencies, banking regulators; identifying areas for further legal evaluation (for example, applicability of Force Majeure clauses in EPC agreements).

How to apply

To access our support, please check the eligibility criteria and application steps outlined on this website. All information submitted during the application process will be treated confidentially. The application is short and simple.

Please indicate whether you require acute and urgent support due to Covid-19. Applications will be reviewed in an accelerated procedure of not more than one week.

Note: Should you need additional information or support with your application, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the ‘Contact us’ button on the upper right side of this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tools for download

We have developed dedicated tools to support our advisory, which we are making publicly available on this website. Please visit our Covid-19 response page to learn more.