ASAER to represent Angolan renewable energy businesses

15 April 2020 | Angola has a new association for renewable energy businesses: ASAER – short for Angolan Renewable Energy Association – was recently set up with the mission of promoting renewable energy in the southern African country. The non-profit association has been promoted by an installation committee made up of a group of companies that have been working for the establishment of the association, namely Anglobal, Greentech, LTP Energias, RESUL Angola and SADC Solar Energy. In January 2020, the committee received a Certificate of Admissibility from the Angolan Ministry of Justice.

To drive the direction of ASAER, the association is asking for input to a survey. ASAER would appreciate to hear your opinion on the objectives and activities that should guide the association in this initial phase. This is also a great opportunity to give your opinion about the direction that this association could take. If you believe you could contribute, please participate in the survey by the 30th April.

With support from GET.invest, the business association ALER has been assisting ASAER in its launch. It is part of GET.invest’s and ALER’s continued and wider effort to mobilise and empower local and international business associations in the renewable energy sector. Previously, ALER and GET.invest supported the launch of AMER, the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association.