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Lereko Metier Sustainable Capital fund (LMSC)

The pioneering sustainable capital fund will make investments in the renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and waste management sectors.

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Geographical Focus

Southern Africa

Technology/Sector Focus

  • Small Hydro
  • Geothermal
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass
Size of Investment
Target Return
Total Fund Size
$120 M
Fund Structure

General Fund Information

Type of Investment


Investors of Fund

IFC, Lereko, FMO, DEG, South Africa PIC

Fund Information

Size of Investment


Target Return


Sample Investee

50MW Bokpoort CSP (concentrated solar power) plant in the Northern Cape.

Additional Project Characteristics

Advanced companies at advanced stages, with bankable activities and proven technologies.

Additional FMC Info


Seed Capital Assistance Facility (SCAF) led by UNEP.

Location of Registration and HQ

South Africa

Primary Contact Information For Developers


Types of Financing


Acquiring control and significant minority positions in projects and businesses that fall within its intended sectors.

Technical Assistance / Grants


Debt Mezzanine


Guarantee / Insurance


Requirements for Financing

Project Requirements

Large scale, greenfield, construction, expansion and replacement for projects and acquisition and growth capital for companies.

CO-Funding Requirements


Target Impact

The Fund is expected to have significant development impact on its investees by:
i) Reduction of CO2 and other GHGs by investing in renewable energy and cleaner technology projects, thus contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions;
ii) Supporting business focusing on climate change and clean technology;
iii) Supporting regional developmental objectives and environmental commitments toward investment into clean and efficient energy, water and waste sectors;
iv) Stimulating job creation by supporting job growth in new sectors;
v) Implementing best practice ESG at both the Fund and investee level.

Due Diligence Requirements

Standard project documentation.

Detailed Description Of Funding Process Procedure