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Access to Finance
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GET.invest supports investment in decentralised renewable energy. It has a focus on sub-Sahara Africa, but can also be deployed in other regions, including developing and emerging markets. The programme works across different market segments of decentralised renewables, such as small on-grid independent power producers (IPPs), commercial and industrial power, mini-grids, small stand-alone solar systems including solar home systems, and clean cooking solutions.

The scope of supports includes:

Market Information

Through country briefs and more in-depth “Market Insights” studies, GET.invest helps entrepreneurs identify markets and opportunities. Visit the Market Information section for more details.

Access to Finance

Many project and business developers struggle to access funding. There is a variety of dedicated funds and other instruments offering different financial products. Most project developers have only limited knowledge of their modalities and scope. In turn, financiers often face proposals that do not meet their expectations or requirements. GET.invest’s Finance Catalyst team addresses this challenge through a combination of targeted advisory services. More information is available on the Finance Catalyst pages.

The funding database contains a broad range of financing instruments, covering debt, equity and grant facilities.

Networking and Information Events

GET.invest supports its partners, in particular industry associations, in organising events that bring together stakeholders to “do business” as well as to inform about business and financing instruments. Some of the events include structured matchmaking and B2B sessions to stimulate cooperation and new business development. Check for past events and upcoming opportunities in the Events section.