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The GET.invest Finance Catalyst team works with project developers and companies to mobilise finance and investment. We connect selected applicants to development finance institutions (DFIs), impact investors and commercial financiers by providing in-kind advisory (but no direct financial support).

We deliver through a lean, non-bureaucratic setup, and an à la carte portfolio of services:

  • Investment strategy geared at applicants at a relatively early stage, but with concrete financing prospects, and providing guidance on the necessary steps of project and business development in order to ensure completeness and quality.
  • Structuring support advising on essential aspects of business case and financing models, and supporting developers towards structuring their propositions in a way that corresponds to the needs and expectations of financiers.
  • Access to finance support to identify appropriate financing options and to align documentation with the specific requirements of financing and support instruments.
  • Transaction support to provide assistance in the contractual negotiations during project preparation and business development, for instance covering aspects of the financing transaction, term sheets, contractual agreements with specialised advisory, or the fulfilment of conditions precedent.

Our support consists of advisory services delivered by the GET.invest Finance Catalyst team and is provided at no cost to the developer. An indicative amount of time is allocated for each type of service above, and multiple services can be provided per project. For a full menu of services, around 20 days of support in total can be made available per project, in various stages.

Should you wish to get a better understanding of the scope of services available, feel free to request a sample “Agreement for Advisory Services” (AAS), by sending an email to info@finance-catalyst.eu. AAS documents are drafted in consultation with developers after we have gained a better understanding of project or business requirements. The AAS document you will receive shows all of the services we are able to provide, not the customised and negotiated version.

To deal with the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, we provide tailored support. For more information, please click here.