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Become part of the Off-Grid Leadership Advice Network (LEAN)

20 April 2021 |The renewable energy sector is innovative, forward-thinking, and driven by entrepreneurs and leaders with a vast base of knowledge and experience. To leverage this expertise and support knowledge sharing in the industry, GET.invest has been supporting the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry (GOGLA) in running the Leadership Advice Network (LEAN).

Initiated in April last year, LEAN is a peer-mentoring network that connects off-grid solar industry C-level leaders with peers and other industry specialists so that they can support each other and help each other thrive as leaders. Becoming part of LEAN means getting matched with a peer or industry specialist, or group, for a period of six months, with each participant taking on a peer-mentoring role. Mentoring tools, best practices and relevant complementary resources, such as GET.invest’s Covid-19 Business Continuity and Cash Flow Management Tools, are provided to help maximise the value of LEAN sessions.

With about 120 individuals matched in the two application rounds, GOGLA and GET.invest hope that the network will create stronger relationships and new partnerships between industry leaders and encourage collaboration that will help the industry persevere throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

“First-hand experience is the best teacher and thanks to the LEAN members we spoke with, we are now in an optimal position for long term success.”
LEAN Participant

The deadline for the next round of LEAN is 7 May 2021. To learn more, visit: Leadership Advice Network (LEAN) | GOGLA, send an email to or apply directly through the application form here.

LEAN is only one of many activities that GET.invest supports in the context of working with industry and business associations like GOGLA, who play a key role in scaling up decentralised renewable energy and mobilising the private sector. Other recent activities of GOGLA, supported by GET.invest, include the launch of a toolkit for National Renewable Energy Associations developed together with SolarPower Europe; the development of a report and database on Off-Grid Solar Investment Trends and the launch of GOGLA Bridge, a database for GOGLA members and the broader stand-alone solar product sector providing an overview of support services for incubating and accelerating the growth of off-grid solar companies.