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GET.invest and PFAN join forces in Covid-19 Virtual Clinics

24 June 2020 | As confirmed by recent market surveys, companies and projects across the clean energy sector are heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Particularly small and medium-sized companies face liquidity restraints and operational concerns, and struggle to access finance.

Safeguarding the successes of the renewable energy industry requires a multi-faceted response that includes accessible financing mechanisms, technical assistance and sector-wide policy interventions. Especially now, associations and initiatives supporting clean energy access must come together to provide support. This is why GET.invest has joined forces with PFAN, linked by the common donors Sweden and Austria, in the 2nd cohort of their Covid-19 Virtual Clinics. The Clinics provide targeted expert advice to project and business developers in the climate and renewable energy sector who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Virtual Clinics enable eligible companies and projects to get help in evaluating their situation and in identifying necessary steps to address ongoing and future challenges through individual consultations with PFAN or GET.invest experts, as well as thematic group learning sessions. As an outcome of the Virtual Clinics, each developer will receive a personalised diagnostic report on their project/business’ resilience and vulnerability to the effects of the Covid-19 crisis, and a set of related suggestions which will help them formulate and implement a coherent and considered response.

The scope of support provided targets specific issues such as access to finance and business continuity, as such reflecting the core expertise of GET.invest, currently available through our Finance Catalyst. By joining PFAN’s Virtual Clinics, project and business developers can benefit from combined expertise of both PFAN’s and GET.invest’s advisors as well as group sessions with other developers, before starting dedicated advisory sessions with one of the two programmes. Registration to PFAN’s Covid-19 Virtual Clinics (2nd Cohort) closes 2 August 2020. Apply here.

The collaboration of PFAN and GET.invest on the Virtual Clinics is one part of GET.invest’s Covid-19 response. Amongst other things, GET.invest offers fast-track access to Covid-19 advisory support as well as freely downloadable tools for business continuity checks and cash flow scenario modelling.

PFAN and GET.invest have jointly compiled an extensive list of Covid-19 response resources, providing useful information about available tools and funding mechanisms to affected businesses, which can be consulted here.


© GIZ / Thomas Imo