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Updated key figures for African energy markets

5 September 2019 | GET.invest has updated the key figures on its market information pages. The market information pages collect and synthesise data about emerging energy markets in 16 African countries. The latest update is part of a general overhaul to be concluded and published in 2020.

The pages provide investors and entrepreneurs with information about the political and economic situation for each of the 16 African countries, their energy market, the existing regulatory framework as well as their renewable energy potential. The updated key figures now feature the latest available demographics and energy statistics, including electrification and energy consumption rates for all markets. Quality and robust information and data on developing markets is difficult to obtain, making the GET.invest market information pages the first port of call for investors and businesses active or looking to become active in emerging energy markets.

The market information only form one part of GET.invest market intelligence services. They are complemented by the Market Insight packages, which provide readers with in-depth analyses of different renewable energy market segments in Zambia, Uganda and Senegal, and can be found here. The recent update is the first outcome of a general overhaul of the market information, which will be concluded in 2020 and provide investors and entrepreneurs with the latest insights.