An event organized by GOGLA
01.03.2018 - 02.03.2018 • Nairobi / Kenya

GOGLA Off-Grid Solar Investment Academy @ 5th Sankalp Africa Summit

Off-Grid Solar Investment Academy
featuring the African Management Initiative

Many start-ups struggle with Founder Syndrome. In the early days, most companies work as informal networks where the founding team makes most (often all) decisions. But as companies move beyond product-market fit, this model can quickly become stifling, creating a decision-making bottleneck and holding back growth.

In the rapidly evolving off-grid solar sector, this can be particularly damaging as new ideas and potential partnerships do not rise to the forefront, and as off-grid solar companies require expertise from several different areas (including technology, finance, policy, and business development), which are seldom all present in one or two founding team members. From an investment point of view, too much reliance on select individuals for company growth and development can pose a significant credit risk, and thereby deter investments.

The online agenda is available here.

This interactive session, organised by GOGLA and supported by RECP, will help participants think about why management matters, and what good management looks like in their own context. It will inspire them to think about the management culture and structure that is right for their own organization. Finally, it will provide participants with practical frameworks and ‘next steps’ to develop the organizational values and structures that will drive empowerment and performance as they grow.

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