An event organized by SolarPower Europe & RECP
07.02.2017 • Brussels / Belgium

Solar PV Investment Attractiveness and Bankability in the sub-Saharan Region

  • Photo: h080 / flickr

 SolarPower Europe in collaboration with the African-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) organises a half-day workshop on risk management and bankability issues with regard to PV projects on the African continent.

Undeniably Africa has a very promising solar photovoltaic market to explore off grid and on grid and until today there has been only a fraction of its potential realised. The proven value (social and economic), the enhanced environmental awareness coupled with the increased demand for power and high electricity prices have shifted the focus on more sustainable and clean solutions such as solar. However, as in all new markets, challenges for growth are faced on many fronts: political, financial, industrial.

Africa has a unique opportunity to overcome some of those challenges and avoid the mistakes of other regions around the world by using existing knowledge and experience and tailoring solutions to the local needs.


This half day workshop precedes the Solar Bankability project event taking place on 7 – 8 February in Brussels.

The, European Commission funded, Solar Bankability project aims to establish a common practice for professional risk assessment which will serve to reduce technical risks associated with investments in photovoltaic projects and increase trust from investors, financers and insurance companies.

After a very successful mid-term event and additional consultation activities, the Solar Bankability Project is now ready to present and discuss their findings, exchange with relevant leading stakeholders and assess the impact of their work.

Bankability and risk management issues are highly relevant for African renewable energy markets. SolarPower Europe, with funding and support of the RECP, is therefore organising a half-day workshop to make use of the assembled financial expertise and discuss innovative approaches to overcome remaining challenges regarding bankability and risk management pertinent to African markets.

Please follow this link to register for the event.