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From RECP to GET.invest

New year, new programme? In the past years, the RECP has been successfully working with its partners in advancing the development of markets for renewable energy in Africa. Now it is time for the next step: RECP will turn into GET.invest.

With the support of the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria, the programme will move on to its next stage. GET.invest will build on experiences and lessons learnt from the RECP and continue key services such as the Finance Catalyst seamlessly.

The new programme will deliver more impact in the market through increased resources, a streamlined service portfolio, an improved brand, a broadened thematic scope now also including clean cooking, and a wider geographic mandate. While the focus will remain on sub-Saharan Africa, work in other African, Caribbean and Pacific regions is in preparation.

The enhanced support portfolio will include project and business development support, information and matchmaking, and assistance in implementing regulatory processes. The programme will keep up and intensify the close cooperation with its partners, such as the European Unions’s ElectriFi, and deliver improved results for the priorities of contributors, such as the European Union’s External Investment Plan or Germany’s new initiative for decentralised energy (Bürgerenergie) in the context of the Marshall Plan with Africa.

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