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B2B session at the CCIF18 confirms great results

2 January 2019 | Eight weeks after the first-ever Clean Cooking Investment Forum, held in Kigali from the 5th to the 6th November 2018, a second evaluation of the Business-to-Business session organised by GET.invest’s predecessor RECP highlighted significant achievements. The programme’s participation to the Forum is part of GET.invest’s current consideration of including clean cooking in its portfolio.

About 75% of the respondents (25 out of 33) to a post-event online survey found the B2B participants relevant for their business, suggesting that the Forum attracted the right crowd. Moreover, participants of 50 out of 84 B2B meetings that took place indicated that cooperation was underway, citing several promising examples.

Such results send a positive signal about the clean cooking market. Although the sector is currently relatively under-resourced, it is rising steadily and continuously showcasing innovative business models that have the potential to be scalable and investment-friendly. Most of the Forum participants represented such a diverse market from industrially-produced biomass stoves (natural draft and fan-based); manufactured biomass fuels such as briquettes and pellets; industrially-produced biogas systems; innovative ethanol distribution models; and pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) solutions.

“We met the [name removed to respect privacy] designers who wanted their stoves to be made in Rwanda rather than import it”
“We had lots of useful meetings regarding our new 5-year research programme. We have followed up potential collaborations around, for example, trialing electric stoves on mini-grids and developing new pressure cooker designs with stove developers.”
“I have been able to assist one of the private actors getting in touch with other relevant persons for possible cooperation and funding.”

The sustained impact of the Forum comes after the initial evaluation completed by almost half of the 145 B2B participants overwhelmingly expressed their satisfaction: 22% of them rated the event significantly above expectations and 53% thought it was above expectations.