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The Impact of COVID-19 on the African Solar Sector

29.04.2020 - 29.04.2020

As part of their partnership to realise broad and sustained market development of renewable energies in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) region, SolarPower Europe and GET.invest will host a webinar on the 29th April, from 3-4:15pm. This free webinar will discuss the implications of Covid-19 on the African solar market and the challenges and solutions for European companies ready to invest.

We are fortunate to have industry association representatives from South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zambia who will share their views on the impact and effect of the virus outbreak and its likely aftermath during the webinar. The webinar will also cover recommendations on how to cope with the crisis and offer advice to advanced renewable energy projects and businesses impacted by the crisis.

This webinar is the third one in SolarPower Europe’s and GET.invest’s joint webinar series.

If you wish to watch our webinar about “Mobilising renewable energy investment in the African, Caribbean and Pacific ACP Region”, please follow this link. For the second webinar “Financing solar IPPs and C&I in Africa”, please follow this link.