GET.invest Finance Catalyst receives 1000th application

17 May 2022 | GET.invest’s core service, the GET.invest Finance Catalyst, recently hit a new milestone: the 1000th request for support in accessing finance and investment readiness. This number reflects a track record of over five years in which the service has grown and assisted a diverse portfolio of companies and projects on their fundraising journeys. With an extended mandate that now also includes hydrogen, e-mobility and power-to-X, the advisory facility is well prepared to cater to the new business models of the clean energy space. 

When GET.invest opened the application portal of its Finance Catalyst, the programme did so with the vision of increasing the number of bankable renewable energy projects. More than five years later, the demand has become evident: 1000 applications have reached the programme by the beginning of May 2022. A number that does not only reflect the industry’s demand for support in accessing funding for renewable energy projects, but also the high quality and relevance of the assistance delivered that by now has gained good reputation and traction in the industry and is the result of continuous improvements. A recent satisfaction survey found that over 92% of all respondents were highly satisfied with the assistance they received from the Finance Catalyst, describing it as targeted, hands-on, long-term and personalised. 

From the 1000 applications, the GET.invest Finance Catalyst has built a diverse project pipeline over the years. By now, over 250 companies and projects in the clean energy sector have received support from the facility’s 25+ international advisors, obtaining assistance ranging from investment strategies, business model structuring over financial modelling to the preparation of finance applications and the negotiation of investment agreements. Over 120 of these projects and companies have since been successfully introduced to financers and could discuss or access the needed funding. 

In order to adapt to changing industry trends and evolving technologies, the Finance Catalyst has recently opened its application portal to e-mobility, green hydrogen and power-to-X business models. The expanded mandate backed by partnerships with the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) and the Power-to X (PtX) Hub. With this setup, the GET.invest Finance Catalyst aims to be well positioned for the future and looks forward to supporting even more projects and companies on their way to bankability.  

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