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GET.invest Finance Readiness Support


The GET.invest Finance Readiness Support serves early-stage energy access companies local to sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific by getting them ready for investments. The service offers a combination of business development support and advice on access to finance, thus enhancing the company structures and processes for raising capital. It thereby complements the ongoing work of the GET.invest Finance Catalyst, which deals with more mature businesses.

Across all market segments, early-stage locally-owned companies typically face significant barriers to access finance. However, the success of these businesses is crucial to serve last-mile energy customers and has high potential for job creation and economic transformation in the countries where they operate. The GET.invest Finance Readiness Support has been developed with key partners from the energy access sector to address these barriers to finance and is implemented by market-leading consultancies.

We are glad to see this facility materialise, especially in the aftermath of Covid-19 and its impact on earlier-stage locally-owned enterprises. This service will be crucial to reach our goal of ‘energy access for all’. GET.invest is uniquely positioned to drive this forward given its wide network and partnerships with the industry associations at global and national levels, which can make this approach more holistic and inclusive.
Sarah Bieber, Associate Director for Strategic Partnerships at Acumen
A just and equitable energy transition can only happen with increased investment in local energy access enterprises, including those serving the last mile. The GET.invest Finance Readiness Support will be key in mobilising much needed capital for these companies.
Ruchi Soni, Programme Manager, Results-Based Financing at SEforALL

The advisory experience

In this innovative facility, GET.invest bundles the competencies of eight renowned consulting firms under the common umbrella of the GET.invest Finance Readiness Support. Companies enter the advisory portfolio of one of the consultancies and are closely supported by their advisors throughout the process. The portfolio of support services is tailored to the needs of each individual company. The participating consultancies are: Catalyst Off-Grid Advisors, Energy 4 Impact, GFA Consulting Group, GreenMax Capital Advisors, Inensus, KPMG, Open Capital and Persistent.

The partners

The GET.invest Finance Readiness Support is the result of more than 1.5 years of consultations and draws on a strong network of stakeholders in the sector. The partners of the facility play a consultative role during its development and actively engage in its steering and knowledge management.

This structure makes it possible to use the know-how and networks of our partners to ensure the continued relevance of the service and at the same time to feed market knowledge from the advisory processes back into the work of the partners. Key partners include:

How to access

As part of the pilot phase, the service will concentrate on innovative, impactful and scalable businesses from the pipelines of the consultancies. Companies interested in the Finance Readiness Support can directly contact the consulting firms to become part of their portfolio.