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Who we are

GET.invest in a nutshell

GET.invest is a European programme that mobilises investment in renewable energy in developing countries. We support project developers and companies towards investment readiness and link them with financiers. In collaboration with many stakeholders in the sector, we also provide a range of other services to complement this effort. GET.invest aims to substantially increase the volume and pace of investment, to contribute to building sustainable energy markets, and to thus help meet the twin challenge of energy access and climate change.

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Our services

We focus on the missing link between the many developers and companies looking for funding, and the many financiers looking for investees. From one perspective, there is a lack of bankable projects, while from the other, financing is too complex to access.

With our core services, we bridge that gap by supporting developers and companies in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific to become bankable and by linking them with financiers, thus building a pipeline of investment-ready projects and companies.

To prepare the ground for this, GET.invest provides information about markets as well as financing instruments, empowers stakeholders, and supports events and matchmaking sessions. We work closely with a broad range of partners, in particular industry associations.

Since 2022, we power the Team Europe One Stop Shop for Green Energy Investments, an access point for information about and facilitated access to European support and financing instruments for energy projects and companies in Africa.

Our goals

GET.invest ultimately contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Private sector engagement and investment is essential to address both. Our role is to help accelerate this, and to build the capacity of key stakeholders towards long-term sustainable energy markets. We are proud of every company and project that we have supported and linked with financiers to mobilise investment towards affordable, stable and clean energy supply.

In doing so, our work contributes to improved livelihoods, health and education, gender equality, economic development and jobs, as well as safeguarding the environment and tackling climate change. Find out more in our results and stories section.

The set-up

GET.invest runs on the platform of the Global Energy Transformation Programme ( that is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Our donors

Since 2016, several European donors have helped build and deploy GET.invest and its predecessor to mobilise investment in renewable energy markets in developing countries. GET.invest is currently co-funded by the European Union, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria.

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Market & funding information

Market & funding information

With market information and a funding database, GET.invest assists developers with insights about countries, markets and financing opportunities to shape their business proposals.
Market Information
Funding Database
Events & Matchmaking

Events & Matchmaking

GET.invest supports industry events to bring topics on stage for developers to build sustainable energy markets. It accompanies events with matchmaking sessions to facilitate new business contacts and stimulate new project and business development.
Advisory Support

Advisory Support

GET.invest provides targeted coaching and business advisory through the GET.invest Finance Catalyst and the GET.invest Finance Readiness Support to get projects investment-ready and connect developers to financiers.
Finance Access Advisory

Piloting new services

Thanks to feedback from our many partners and experience from advising over 200 clean energy projects and companies, we are in close contact with the needs of developers and financiers who want to build sustainable energy markets. Together with our donors, we are therefore constantly striving to improve our service offering. Below, learn about our pilot services that will be further developed in the coming months.