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What we offer

Our teams of advisors work with projects and companies across all ticket sizes, covering the entire spectrum of clean energy business models. We provide free-of-charge services, working hand in hand with project developers and companies to prepare them for investment and connect them to suitable financiers. Please note that we do not provide any funding ourselves.

Our portfolio of advisory services can be tailored flexibly to the specific needs of each successful applicant. Support is provided by independent experts from our advisory teams at the GET.invest Finance Catalyst and the GET.invest Finance Readiness Support and accompanies the project/company throughout their fundraising journey. We can also accomodate returning applicants for additional support on new projects and subsequent fundraising rounds.

Our service portfolio

Business development support

We provide customised advisory to early stage companies covering a range of topics including strategy, financial management, credit risk management, operational management, human capital, KPI & business metrics, communications & visibility, digitalisation & data management and others as relevant.

Investment strategy support

Geared towards projects/companies at a relatively early stage, but with concrete financing prospects, we provide general guidance on the necessary steps of project/business development in order to ensure completeness and quality.

Structuring support

We advise on essential aspects of the business case and financing models, and support developers towards structuring their propositions in a way that corresponds with the needs and expectations of financiers.

Finance access support

We support projects and companies in identifying appropriate financing options, establishing connections to relevant financiers and aligning project documentation with their specific requirements.

Transaction support

We assist with contractual negotiations, for instance, aspects of the financing transaction, term sheets, contractual agreements with specialised advisory, or the fulfilment of conditions precedent.

Post-investment support

We provide support to improve the impact of an investment in the long term by reducing any prospect of defaults and assist companies facing critical financial problems. Support can cover, among others, Mergers & Acquisitions as well as debt restructuring.

Ensuring quality and efficiency through partnerships

To ensure the most competent, targeted and needs-based assistance possible, we work closely with other advisory and support programmes. You can find an overview of all cooperation partners in our Partners section.