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Our requirements

Support is available to applicants (projects or companies) that meet the following minimum criteria:

Investment size

Our tailored facilities are designed to accommodate both large-scale projects and companies as well as smaller companies. This adaptable approach ensures that whether the requested investment size is substantial or more modest, our advisory services remain beneficial.

Focus on clean energy solutions and business models

The primary component of the project or company should centre on investments in clean energy systems. This includes, but it is not limited to, a range of areas, such as electricity generation and distribution (in the case of mini-grids and stand-alone systems), clean cooking and off-grid appliances, green hydrogen/PtX, pure storage, e-mobility, and smart-data systems or digital projects associated with clean energy. It is important to note that applicants using or producing biofuels for transportation or LPG for cooking are ineligible.

Revenue generating

Applications must be conceptualised as revenue-generating.


Applicants must be located in (or investment sought to be deployed in) sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and/or the Pacific region.

Focus on private sector

Eligible applicants may be private sector developers (local and international), large/mid-size corporations, SMEs, NGOs, universities, parastatal companies, government or research institutions. Ultimately, applications will need to demonstrate significant private-sector ownership to allow for financing with debt or equity, possibly combined with other funding such as grants or public contributions. Such private sector engagement can also be developed during the advisory support.

Unsure whether your project or business meets the criteria?