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Building a pipeline of bankable investment projects

Financing for renewable energy does not happen at the scale and pace required, nor does it reach those who need it most. This is a key barrier towards progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. To address this challenge, GET.invest mobilises private investments in renewable energy by building a pipeline of bankable investment projects for financing initiatives. By increasing the number of viable companies and projects and accelerating their progress, GET.invest contributes to climate and development objectives and drives access to clean, reliable, affordable energy for all. Check our Results Deck to discover facts, figures and data created with the support of our donors and partners.

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# applications received


# supported since start of programme


# currently working with

#projected investment volume
1.8 billion euros
#greenhouse gas abatment potential
3.1 million t CO2 per year
#energy access potential for people
13.3 million people
#projected installed capacity
945.1 MWel

# accepted by financiers

#expected investment volume
442 million euros
#greenhouse gas abatment potential
1.3 million t CO2 per year
#energy access potential for people
5.2 million people
#expected installed capacity
250.1 MWel

# financial close


Insights into our portfolio of projects and companies

To date, GET.invest has supported 386 project developers and companies out of which 147 projects have been taken up by financiers. This represents a total projected investment volume of about 1.8 billion euros, with the potential to provide access to energy for 13.3 million people and reduce almost 3,100ktCO2e per year. 70 projects announced financial close, a testimony to the growing maturity of renewable energy markets in partner countries.

Breakdown by region
Eastern Africa (34.11%)
Southern Africa (28.65%)
Western Africa (22.92%)
Central Africa (7.55%)
Caribbean (4.17%)
Pacific (2.60%)
Breakdown by market segment
Breakdown by ticket size
€500k-5m (39.32%)
€5m-20m (26.82%)
€20m-50m (11.72%)
€0-500k (11.20%)
€50m+ (10.94%)
Meet the projects and companies we have worked with

Since 2016, we have supported more than 380 companies and projects on their way to bankability. To cover all market segments and cases, we combine the competences of eight renowned consulting firms and 25+ independent consultants. Below you will find a list of companies and projects that have agreed to publish our cooperation.

Project or company name Region Country Resources
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OX Global Western Africa Rwanda -
AGUAS DE PONTA PRETA Western Africa Cape Verde -
Abramba Technologies Eastern Africa; Central Africa Ethiopia -
Africa Energy Solaire Western Africa Burkina Faso -
African Clean Energy - Series A Southern Africa; Eastern Africa Lesotho; Uganda GET.invest story
African Clean Energy - Series B and debt raise Southern Africa; Eastern Africa; Central Africa Lesotho; Kenya; Uganda GET.invest story
Alina Eneji Caribbean Haiti -
All In Trade Central Africa Uganda -
Amped Innovation - Series A Western Africa Nigeria GET.invest story
Amped Innovation - Series B and debt finance Western Africa Nigeria GET.invest story
Asis Energy Solutions Southern Africa Mozambique -
BM solutions Western Africa Benin -
Bboxx Ltd Central Africa Rwanda -
Bidhaa Sasa - Debt raise Eastern Africa Kenya GET.invest story
Bidhaa Sasa - Working capital raise Eastern Africa Kenya; Uganda GET.invest story
BioMassters Eastern Africa Rwanda -
Bodawerk International Eastern Africa Uganda -
Caribbean Solar Enterprises Caribbean Grenada -
Centrawest Southern Africa Zimbabwe -
Charge Ko Technologies Eastern Africa Uganda -
Chipili Power - CGM Power Group Southern Africa Zambia -
ClearSky Power Eastern Africa Somalia -
Consistent Energy Western Africa Nigeria -
DIGITECH - Sistemas & Tecnologias Southern Africa Mozambique -
Deevabits Green Energy Eastern Africa Kenya -
Differ Community Power Eastern Africa Kenya -
Drive Electric Eastern Africa Kenya -
East African Power Eastern Africa Rwanda -
Eclipse ER Cameroun Western Africa Cameroun -
Ecogreen Solutions Eastern Africa Rwanda -
Ecotutu Nigeria -
EkoRent Africa Eastern Africa Kenya -
Emerging Cooking Solutions - Seed round Southern Africa Zambia -
Emerging Cooking Solutions - Series A and debt restructuring Southern Africa Malawi; Mozambique; Zambia -
Energy and Climate Change Center E3C Western Africa Senegal -
Energy+ Western Africa Mali -
Enrapower Southern Africa Zimbabwe -
Flash Motors Company Ltd. Caribbean Jamaica -
Flex-Grid Western Africa Mali -
Gigawatt Global Eastern Africa Burundi -
Green Impact Technologies Southern Africa Malawi -
Green Scene Energy Eastern Africa Ethiopia -
Hanny G Investment Company Eastern Africa Tanzania -
Hirundo Energy - GPHA Wind farm, Ghana Western Africa Ghana -
Hirundo Energy - Hirundo Wind Lesotho Southern Africa Lesotho -
Hobuka Central Africa Rwanda -
HouseZero Southern Africa South Africa -
Hydrobox Eastern Africa Kenya -
ICE Commercial Power Western Africa Nigeria -
InspiraFarms - Raise of convertible debt Eastern Africa Kenya -
InspiraFarms - Series B Eastern Africa; Southern Africa Kenya; Zambia -
Jali Finance Eastern Africa Rwanda -
KLK Central Africa Burundi -
KTF Concept Central Africa Burundi -
KWH Advisory and Development Eastern Africa Sierra Leone -
KYA Energy Group SARL U Western Africa Togo -
Kaboni Energy Central Africa Burundi -
Kiri EV Central Africa; Eastern Africa RD Congo; Kenya; Uganda -
Kisiwa Eastern Africa Tanzania -
Koolboks - Seed round Western Africa Nigeria -
Koolboks - Series A Western Africa Nigeria -
Kowry Energy Western Africa Mali; Ghana; Nigeria -
Kudura Power East Africa Eastern Africa Kenya -
Lanforce Energy Southern Africa Zimbabwe -
Little Sun Zambia Ltd. Southern Africa Zambia -
Ljos Company Ltd. Eastern Africa Kenya -
M-Kuphatima Southern Africa Mozambique -
Mansa Power Development Southern Africa Zambia -
Menapy Western Africa Côte d'Ivoire -
Millennium Engineers Enterprise Eastern Africa Tanzania -
Moon Western Africa Senegal; Mali; Togo -
Natfort Investments PVT, DBA Natfort Energy Southern Africa Zimbabwe -
Nengstar Consulting Southern Africa South Africa -
NewAfrica Impact Western Africa Ghana -
NovoMoto Central Africa RD Congo -
Okra Solar Western Africa Nigeria -
OnePower Lesotho - Enhancing Scalable Solar Minigrid Business Case via Growth and Diversification Southern Africa Lesotho GET.invest story
OnePower Lesotho - Neo I Solar Generating Station Southern Africa Lesotho GET.invest story
OnePower Lesotho - Solar Mini-Grids for Lesotho Highlands Communities Southern Africa Lesotho GET.invest story
POPO Africa Eastern Africa Uganda -
Pan Africa Solar Western Africa Nigeria -
Pawame Eastern Africa Kenya -
Penhalonga Energy Southern Africa Zimbabwe -
Photon Energy Eastern Africa Sudan GET.invest story
Power Ventures Africa Southern Africa; Eastern Africa Zimbabwe, Ethiopia -
Premier Solar Solutions Eastern Africa Kenya Podcast
Protecton Engineering Namibia Southern Africa Namibia -
Qotto Western Africa Burkina Faso; Benin -
RDG Collective - Scaling existing operations and introduce productive use products Southern Africa Zambia -
RDG Collective - Series A raising to scale all operations and diversify to Namibia, Southern Angola, and possibly DRC Southern Africa Zambia -
Rafode - Debt finance Eastern Africa Kenya -
Rafode - Early stage debt finance Eastern Africa Kenya -
Renewable Energy Innovators Cameroon (REIC) Eastern Africa Cameroun -
Rewaste Caribbean St. Kitts And Nevis -
SHINE PAYG Central Africa Burundi -
SUNfarming Southern Africa Madagascar -
Satarem America Western Africa Senegal -
Simusolar - Debt and RBF finance Eastern Africa Tanzania; Uganda GET.invest story
Simusolar - Series A Eastern Africa Tanzania; Uganda GET.invest story
Solar Village Southern Africa Zambia -
SolarAfrica Southern Africa South Africa -
SolarWorks! Eastern Africa Mozambique -
Solarika Energy Ltd Eastern Africa Uganda -
Soleil Power Eastern Africa Uganda -
Solergie Western Africa Togo -
Songa Energy Burundi Central Africa Burundi -
Spark Central Africa; Western Africa RD Congo; Guinea; Liberia -
Starsight Premier Energy Group Eastern Africa Kenya; Rwanda; Tanzania; Uganda Podcast
Straits Southern Africa South Africa -
Summit Solar PV Solutions Caribbean Barbados; St. Lucia -
Sunmoyo Productive Power Western Africa Nigeria -
Taatisolar Namibia Southern Africa Namibia -
The Freetown Waste Transformers Western Africa Sierra Leone -
Trekk Transport Services Western Africa Nigeria -
Tysilio Western Africa Senegal; Mali; Togo -
Ventura Logistics Western Africa Nigeria -
Village Energy Eastern Africa Uganda -
Vitalite - Malawi scale up Southern Africa Malawi; Zambia -
Vitalite - Zambia Southern Africa Zambia -
WHN Solar Southern Africa Mozambique -
Watt Renewables - Proof of concept (technical and business) Western Africa Nigeria -
Watt Renewables - Scaling existing operations Western Africa Nigeria -
Watt Renewables - Series A raising to scale and diversify portfolio of clients Western Africa Nigeria -
Wecol Limited Eastern Africa Kenya -
WidEnergy Southern Africa Zambia -
Zembo Motorcycles Eastern Africa Uganda -
Zuwa Energy Eastern Africa Malawi -
upOwa - Series B Central Africa Cameroon GET.invest story
upOwa SAS - Series A Central Africa Cameroon GET.invest story