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Our partners

Partners that help us implement

We implement some of our activities hand in hand with or through partners, in particular international and national business associations. In doing so, we contribute to strengthening key actors and building sustainable markets. Associations play a key role in this: they are both the voice of the private sector and help us reach out to developers and companies. Below is a list of our past and active partners:

Partners we cooperate with

We also work closely with partners who provide similar or related services to the market. Such partnerships help us build synergies, learn from each other and avoid duplication. While GET.invest as such is a partnership-driven programme and cooperates with many different actors, we enter deeper and structured cooperation wherever there is high potential to have more impact or to make our work more efficient. Below is a list of our past and active partners:

Resource Centre

Access the results of previous collaborations, such as podcasts, publications, databases and event recordings, in our Resource Centre.