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Our application process

Step 1
Submit your application at any time through our online portal
Step 2
Our experts review your application
Step 3
Every applicant receives feedback
Step 4
Start of advisory
After an advisory agreement is signed, support can start

Submitting an application

Our application portal is open throughout the year, with applications being evaluated in recurring rounds of four weeks. Our current application round closes on Tuesday, 2 July 2024 [23:59 CET]. All applications received after this date will enter the next round.

If you meet our eligibility criteria, please submit your application for support via our application portal.

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Note regarding the language of the intake portal and application form: At the moment, the application form is only available in English. At your request, we can assist you with different language-related matters. We have French, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking experts in our team. Foreign language-related matters will have no influence on our evaluation of proposals.


Applications that are eligible for support will be reviewed by independent advisors in our team. As part of the evaluation process, applicants may be contacted for additional information or documentation. Applicant responsiveness during this review period is vital for our advisors to conduct a thorough assessment and provide timely feedback.

In their assessment, our experts look for the following:

Commercial viability

Does this project/company offer a real value proposition?

Technical viability

Is this a viable project/company from a technical perspective?


Can this team achieve their plans?

Financial viability

Can this project/company generate a return for investors?


Where is the project on the continuum of project development?

Support need and added value

What kind of support does this project/company require and can we add value?

Depending on the facility conducting the evaluation (GET.invest Finance Catalyst or GET.invest Finance Readiness Support), additional criteria may be taken into consideration.


All applicants receive feedback within four to six weeks after a round of applications has closed. Selected projects or companies will be contacted by an advisor from the GET.invest Finance Catalyst or the GET.invest Finance Readiness Support team.

Should your application be rejected after the first submission, you may re-submit the same project for evaluation once. In case you choose to reapply after your initial application was declined, please duly consider our feedback before resubmitting an application. You may also reapply for additional support for new projects and subsequent fundraising rounds.

Start of advisory

Following acceptance of your application, you will be invited to conclude an “Agreement for Advisory Services” (AAS) with your service provider. This agreement outlines the scope of support to be provided, the conditions under which it is provided as well as the rights of every client receiving support. An example of our “Agreement for Advisory Services” (AAS) document is available upon sending a request to Upon signing of the AAS, advisory support can start.