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GET.invest is a European programme that aims at mobilising investments in decentralised renewable energy projects. It supports private sector business and project developers, financiers and regulators in building sustainable energy markets. In doing so, it contributes directly to the interlinked development (SDG) as well as climate change objectives (Paris Agenda).

It was launched in early 2019, building on its predecessor, the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP). With an extended geographical focus beyond the African continent, GET.invest delivers by mobilising the private sector and by building a pipeline of viable investment projects.

The programme works closely with a broad range of partners, in particular industry associations, and cooperates with numerous related initiatives in the space of international cooperation on decentralised renewable energy.

GET.invest is hosted on the multi-donor platform GET.pro, implemented by GIZ, and supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria.