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Capacity Development for Domestic Financiers

Increasing local currency funding

In 2021, GET.invest launched an initiative to strengthen the domestic supply side of financing and increase local currency investment in renewable energy, with the support of the GIZ Financial System Development Cluster. Working closely with domestic financiers, the initiative aimed to support financial institutions in developing and offering financial products and assessing renewable energy finance requests. One of the core elements was demand-driven, one-on-one coaching that allowed financiers to work on real cases and develop tools to assess the potential for renewable energy financing in their client portfolio. The initiative worked hand in hand with the GET.invest Finance Catalyst, which supports project and business developers on the demand side of financing. 

Activities and outlook

Piloting the initiative in Mozambique and Rwanda allowed to gather and compare lessons learned (read more), which were deepened during a collaboration with RENAC on “Green Banking” in Burundi and Nigeria (read more), and an ongoing cooperation with the German-funded project Access to Finance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Senegal (Accès au financement pour les petites et moyennes entreprises) (read more). In 2024, GET.invest plans to roll out the pilot into a full-fledged service for financiers in partner countries.