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The GET.invest Finance Catalyst is open for applications throughout the year. They are evaluated in recurring cycles of three to four weeks, after which the applicant will receive feedback. The current cycle closes on Tuesday, 6 February 2024 [23:59 CEST]. All projects received until that date will be evaluated in one batch, while proposals received after that date will automatically enter the new cycle.

Please present your project proposal and specific request for assistance via our application form. The application form has been placed on a secure server specifically for the GET.invest Finance Catalyst. All information shared with us will be treated confidentially. We will collect all project information in a secure database that only our team of advisors have access to.

The application provides us with information about your company or project, the stage of development and the type of assistance you seek from us. In addition to the application form, several documents are required for our advisors to be able to evaluate your application and assess our potential added value. Two documents are mandatory: a business plan and a basic financial model. Without these documents, our advisors will not be able to properly assess your application. Legal documents are explicitly requested; off-take agreements and team CVs are optional. This helps us understand your proposition and assess whether we can accept you as a client. 

Should you experience any troubles with the application form, please reach out to


Applications will be reviewed by two independent experts in our team. In their assessment, our experts look for the following:

  • Commercial viability: does this project offer a real value proposition?
  • Technical viability: does this project work technically?
  • Management: can this team achieve their plans?
  • Financial viability: can this project generate a return for investors?
  • Project maturity: where is the project on the continuum of project development?
  • Added value: Can the GET.invest Finance Catalyst add value to the realisation of this project?

Every application is evaluated, and all applicants receive feedback. You should expect to receive a response within three to four weeks after a round of applications has closed. Qualified projects will be contacted by one of the advisors in the GET.invest Finance Catalyst team. In some cases, we may have additional questions to conclude our evaluation of your project. 

Should your application be rejected after the first submission, we will provide you with our considerations. You may re-submit the same project for evaluation only once.

Agreement for Advisory Services

An example of our “Agreement for Advisory Services” (AAS) document is available upon request. Please send an email to to request one. The AAS-template presents all the services we can provide and is customised for each specific client. Typically, an AAS document with a project developer consists of a selection of those services.



Note regarding the language of the website and application form: The intake form is available in English only. At your request, we will assist proponents from other language zones to overcome language-related issues. We do have French, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking experts in our team. Our evaluation of proposals will not take into account foreign language-related issues.

Nota sobre el idioma del sitio web y el formulario de registro: El sitio web y el formulario de registro solo están disponibles en inglés. A petición suya, podemos ayudar a los promotores de proyectos de otras zonas lingüísticas a superar los problemas del idioma. Tenemos expertos en español en nuestro equipo. Nuestras evaluaciones de propuestas de proyectos no se referirán a preguntas relacionadas con idiomas extranjeros.