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Finance Catalyst

Does the GET.invest Finance Catalyst provide grants or other types of funding?

No. The GET.invest Finance Catalyst only provides in-kind advisory services and does not contribute financially.

Can the GET.invest Finance Catalyst assist in finding project development funding?

Yes. However, we focus our support on projects that have reached a stage of development where key commercial propositions are clear. For more details about this, please visit the page Eligibility.

How can I apply for support from the GET.invest Finance Catalyst?

Every request for support needs to be presented through our intake. Please visit the page Apply for more details on the application procedure.

Can I only apply for those countries listed in the section Market Information on this website?

Applications for all countries that form part of the sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbean and Pacific region are eligible for support. There is no link between the countries covered in the section Market Information on this website and the countries in which you can receive support from the Finance Catalyst.

How long does the evaluation of my application take?

From the application deadline onward (as indicated on the page Apply) we typically require three to four weeks to evaluate applications and inform applicants of the outcome.

Does the GET.invest Finance Catalyst charge advisory fees?

No, our services are free of charge to our clients. Our services are supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria.