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Finance Catalyst


Our team of advisors works with project developers and companies. We provide free-of-cost services to connect qualified projects and companies to development finance institutions, project preparation support instruments, impact investors and commercial lenders. Please note that we do not provide any financial support or funding ourselves.

We offer a portfolio of services that is discussed with successful applicants and tailored to their needs. Our advisory services are provided by independent experts from the Finance Catalyst team and costs are fully covered by the donors of GET.invest. The amount of advisory time we provide is tailored to the specific needs of each client, and, provided good progress is made, can be adapted over time if and when needed.

Our service portfolio

Investment strategy

Geared at projects at a relatively early stage, but with concrete financing prospects, providing general guidance on the necessary steps of project development in order to ensure completeness and quality.

Structuring support

Advising on essential aspects of the business case and financing models, and supporting developers towards structuring their propositions in a way that corresponds with the needs and expectations of financiers.

Finance access support

To identify appropriate financing options for projects and to align project documentation with the specific requirements of financing and support instruments.

Transaction support

To assist with contractual negotiations during project preparation, for instance, aspects of the financing transaction, term sheets, contractual agreements with specialised advisory, or the fulfilment of conditions precedent.
The Finance Catalyst has been a tremendous partner to Simusolar, providing technical assistance on our presentations and financial models, sharing a landscape of appropriate investor candidates, and obtaining feedback and colour from investors that we might not otherwise receive.
Michael Kunz, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Simusolar
The advisors and I have been working closely on this project. Their input, the professional financial model and their ‘finance speak’ during conference calls has helped a great deal. In addition, being a GET.invest-supported project built reputation with potential financiers.
Marcus Miller, CEO of CleanPower Generation
The GET.invest Finance Catalyst advisors helped us take our proposal for investors to the next level, and their network was a big asset for us.
Arnoud de Vroomen, CEO of SolarWorks!
The advice of the Finance Catalyst was critical and timely in our ability to grow and scale Geni Green. We are currently working on the business fundamentals the advisors highlighted that will position us to give access to clean cooking for thousands of households in Rwanda.
Anicet Munyehirwe, founder of Geni Green Solutions
Our experience with GET.invest’s financial advisors is fantastic: they support the need for well thought out solar PAYG and they fully understand the challenges we are currently facing. We developed a terrific relationship that allows to receive insightful, proactive advice as if they were part of the team.
Kilien de Renty, CEO at upOwa