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Advancing Eswatini’s energy transition calls for enabling conditions for increased clean energy investment. Energy regulation can help unlock such progress if it is informed by the demands and opportunities tied to technology, market and socio-economic development. In parallel, proactive investment mobilisation is needed to unlock the private sector’s potential to lead the energy transition.

To contribute to this, GET.invest Eswatini was established in October 2022 with support from the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria. It builds on the services of the broader GET.invest programme, and tailors them to the Swazi context.


GET.invest Eswatini works in collaboration with several partners, among them the European programme GET.transform. GET.transform provides technical assistance to public partners across energy sector governance, planning and regulation for a clean energy transformation. The collaboration with the programme thus ensures a holistic approach covering both the private and public sector, which is needed for developing truly viable energy sector solutions.

GET.invest Eswatini furthermore works closely with the Eswatini country window of the EU-funded impact investment facility EDFI ElectriFI. While GET.invest helps companies and projects prepare in the areas of investment strategy, business case structuring, and accessing finance, ElectriFI provides finance to de-risk investments and allow private investors and development finance institutions to deploy capital that they could not have invested otherwise.

In the country, GET.invest also partners with Business Eswatini which is the leading private sector business organisation, aiming to promote a conducive business environment through advocacy, stakeholder engagement, representation and delivery of useful services to members. It represents more than 80% of big businesses in Eswatini and thus is acting as a bridge for cooperation between business, government and organised labour on efforts to help remove barriers to trade, mobilise investment, foster a good environment for business, and promote good practice in corporate governance and corporate citizenship.

Lastly, GET.invest cooperates with the Renewable Energy Association of Eswatini (REAESWA) whose main purpose is to promote the cost-effective use of appropriate and sustainable energy technologies in Eswatini in an environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable manner and raises awareness on climate change issues. It works to improve quality of life and to protect the environment through facilitating access to sustainable energy, through the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, capacity building, research, project development, networking, and lobbying.

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Events & matchmaking

Events & matchmaking

GET.invest supports industry events and organises adjacent matchmaking sessions to facilitate new business contacts and stimulate project and business development. Check for upcoming events in Eswatini or listen to the recordings of previous ones:
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Advisory support

Through the Finance Catalyst, GET.invest provides targeted coaching and business advisory support to get projects investment-ready and connect developers to financiers. Apply now to get support for your project or business idea in Eswatini:
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