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ARE Technology & Innovation Forum

27.01.2021 - 28.01.2021

Innovation is a key driver of economic growth, development, as well as climate mitigation and adaptation. In emerging markets, new high-quality and modular technologies, such as AI, advanced GIS mapping, remote monitoring, new control software and systems, as well as innovative energy storage solutions are helping drive last-mile rural electrification with decentralised renewable energy (DRE).

These technologies boost the efficiency of systems, increase their longevity and technical sustainability, help project developers better estimate demand, increase the financial sustainability of projects, mitigate climate change and help communities respond to health crises, for example via the deployment of modular health clinics for rural communities.

If technology can be seen as a vehicle to achieve development, then investments and financing are the fuel that helps drive its engine and bring these innovations to market. Investing in technological innovation is thus investing in the future of DRE sector, progress on all the SDGs and rural socio-economic development.

In light of these recognitions, ARE, supported by GET.invest, will organise the “ARE Technology & Innovation Forum” virtually on 27-28 January 2021.

The target audiences of the event are private and public stakeholders from or active in emerging markets in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia-Pacific, especially technology providers, project developers, private investors, international funding partners and policymakers.

The Forum will feature:

  • High-level discussions on the status quo of technological advancement to support rural electrification with DRE in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia-Pacific.
  • Topical sessions showcasing innovative applied technologies that support the provision of clean, affordable and reliable electricity in rural areas and power rural economies via productive uses of energy.
  • Debate on the role of finance and support programmes in bringing technological innovation to markets in the DRE sector.
  • GET.invest Matchmaking sessions to connect investors, technology providers, project developers, as well as other innovators in the sector.

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