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Corporate PPAs in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

17.12.2020 - 17.12.2020

In the webinar Corporate PPAs in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges, taking place on 17 December 2020 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, SolarPower Europe in collaboration with GET.invest, invite you to explore the opportunities and barriers for corporate sourcing of renewable electricity in Africa. We will bring together European and African experts to discuss how corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Africa could be supported on the regulatory, technical, and financial level.

Across the globe, renewable energy generators are increasingly entering into corporate PPAs – a long-term contract that allows corporates to secure a supply of clean electricity for the long-term and at a competitive price. Corporate renewable PPAs can also limit market risk exposure over the contract period and are therefore essential when state revenue stabilization mechanisms are unavailable. These two benefits make PPAs an effective tool to drive a cost-effective energy transition, supporting the competitiveness of the industries. The potential for this market segment is immense, considering that commercial and industrial (C&I) sector’s overall electricity demand is two-thirds of the world’s end-use of electricity.

While in some parts of the world like the US and Europe corporate PPAs are on the uptake, Sub-Saharan African countries may face specific, mainly regulatory challenges in this regard, such as strict licence requirements and lack of net-metering options. Addressing these barriers can be the key to help unlock the corporate renewable energy PPA market in Africa.

Moderated by: Merce Labordena, Senior Policy Advisor at SolarPower Europe.

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