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Financing solar IPPs and C&I in Africa

As part of our partnership to realise broad and sustained market development of renewable energies in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) region, we will host a joint webinar with SolarPower on the 8th April, from 10-11am.

This webinar will cover our Finance Catalyst service with a special focus on on-grid small IPPs (up to 50 MW) and C&I solar projects.

The GET.invest Finance Catalyst is a free-of-charge service that links renewable energy projects and companies with finance opportunities and vice versa, targeting small- and medium-scale renewable energy opportunities, working in the ACP region. It provides advisory support on investment strategy, business case structuring, as well as accessing finance through a team of dedicated experts with extensive experience in renewable energy project development and finance.

This webinar is the second one in SolarPower Europe’s and GET.invest’s joint webinar series. To listen to the recording of the first webinar “GET.invest: Mobilising Renewable Energy Investment” held on the 27th February, follow this link.