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The new regulation for energy access in off-grid areas in Mozambique

24.02.2022 - 24.02.2022

Aware of the importance of the publication of the regulation for energy access in off-grid areas in Mozambique on the 10th of December, ALER, in partnership with AMER and with the support of GET.invest Mozambique, will organize a webinar on the 24th of February for the presentation and discussion of the impacts of this long-awaited document in particular in the mini-grid and solar home systems market segments.

We will invite all entities involved in the process of preparing this regulation to participate in the event.

The webinar, which will take place exclusively online, will be structured into three panels:

  1. Institutional, in which the document will be presented by the Mozambican authorities responsible for its drafting and implementation
  2. Donors, in which the various cooperation partners with programmes supporting off-grid energy access projects in Mozambique will discuss what will be the impact of this new legislation on their programmes and on the supported projects
  3. Private sector, in which the key points of the regulation will be presented from the perspective of companies that develop projects, provide services or sell products for off-grid energy access

This event will be an opportunity for a debate between the public and private sector to clarify the opportunities and possible questions arising from the regulation. The audience will also have the opportunity to post their questions.

Join us to learn all about the new legal framework for off-grid electrification in Mozambique, which will boost and guide private sector participation in this market segment and whose entry into force marks a turning point.

In January, the detailed program will be released and registration will be open, which will be free but mandatory. Stay tuned!

To register for the webinar, please click here.


Meet us there