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GET.invest Matchmaking

What is GET.invest Matchmaking?

Matchmaking sessions are part of the services offered by GET.invest to mobilise investments in renewable energy projects and businesses. The sessions are attached to major industry events and provide participants with an opportunity to connect with potential business partners, public and private investors or policymakers in a series of personal meetings.

How does it work?

The proven GET.invest Matchmaking format offers an online platform where participants can present themselves and their business, browse the profiles of other attendees, and request meetings with a single click. Matchmaking meetings can take place both online via the platform or in-person at on-site events. Participants receive assistance from the GET.invest Matchmaking team before and during the event. Find the next Matchmaking session on our Events page.

Matchmaking in numbers

individual matchmaking meetings organised since 2016
of meetings have resulted in joint business development

Impressions from past sessions

Photo: © Alliance for Rural Electrification

Photo: © Alliance for Rural Electrification


Clean Cooking Forum 2019. Photo: © GIZ Cyrus Kithuva

Clean Cooking Forum 2019. Photo: © GIZ Cyrus Kithuva

Matchmaking sessions provide the opportunity for networking and exchange, as during the 5th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum in Abidjan. Photo: © Alliance for Rural Electrification

Matchmaking participants at the ARE Energy Access Investment Forum 2017. Photo: © Alliance For Rural Electrification

GET.invest, initially as RECP, has been organising matchmaking sessions since 2016. Photo: © Alliance For Rural Electrification

Photo: © Bioenergy Europe

Voices of participants

“The matchmaking sessions are an important part of the conference. Long after you have forgotten the conference and the content of the slides, the effects of the relationships that you built through a targeted networking session will still be there. Without these sessions the conference wouldn’t have been the same.”
"Great way of meeting new people, and with just enough time set aside to talk about most important issues, and get that first point of contact!"
“Everything was in one place. Easy to access, many resources and information. I am very glad with the opportunity and had very successful one-on-one meetings.”
“I want you to know that my company really benefitted from the matchmaking session. We were able to enter a bid with a technology provider that we found at the conference. I was also able to meet directly with two of our technology providers and negotiate an authorised dealership from one, and get help with an issue we were having from another.”
“The matchmaking at the pre-IOREC in Nairobi was a great opportunity to meet future collaborators, suppliers, business partners, and policy makers. The event provided a unique platform where people working in the sector had the possibility to meet and find joint solutions”.
“Participating at the matchmaking and connecting with colleagues from all regions of Africa created personal bonds and reinforced the potential of market and technology synergy with future partners.”
“I came here actually to learn something and did not expect to have sales coming out here – I was surprised the better!”