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Finance Catalyst

Focus on: Covid-19 support

GET.invest also works with projects and companies that need support to tackle the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their operations. Advisory input is available for both existing and new clients, and could include the following elements:

Investment strategy

Birds’-eye view advice on how to deal with the crisis
Examples include:
Strategic advice on financial sustainability
Due diligence on financial and operational situation

Structuring support

How to structure / restructure a project or company: business model, management, and financial models
Examples include:
In-company Covid-19 response project management, in particular staff retention, furlough or layoff
Financial (re)modelling support to inform adjustments to the Covid-19 situation

Access to finance support

Identifying appropriate and available financing sources and their modalities
Examples include:
Information + introduction to available relief / emergency funds and their modalities
Advice on which type of emergency / relief funding is most appropriate and desirable

Transaction support

Supporting negotiations with key stakeholders, including financiers or public agencies
Examples include:
Assistance in managing debt service relief approach, loan restructuring and negotiation
Identifying areas for further legal evaluation

How to apply

Applicants who need immediate support to address urgent and critical financial problems caused by the Covid-19 crisis can access our services on an accelerated basis. Information about eligibility criteria and application steps can be found on the respective pages. All information submitted during the application process will be treated confidentially. The application is short and simple. 

Tools for download

To support our advisory work, we have developed tools that are available on this website. 

The Covid-19 Scenario Modelling tool helps with forecasting cash flow. It allows to explore different alternatives in order to accommodate possible futures, for managing cash flows and for addressing shortfalls via scenario modelling. The tool looks at a 12-month horizon and provides for a base case and two additional scenarios that impact revenue and other cash inflows; it facilitates the development of an action plan that addresses controllable expenses; and it generates the resulting net cash flow. In addition, our Covid-19 Business Continuity Checklist can provide guidance on how to keep companies on track and navigate a crisis such as triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Download the tools from our Resource Centre.