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Daniele Guidi

Daniele acquired significant experience in sustainable energy and energy access, mostly on business development, financing and policy initiatives. He has worked on solar, biomass, biofuel, waste-to-energy, and energy efficiency, with a focus on investment analysis, business planning, due diligence, finance structuring and facilitation, technology transfer, and M&E. In the off-grid sector, Daniele advised PAYG distributors of SHSs, clean cooking, mini-grid, and productive use developers. Recently, he participated in the design and execution of donor programmes (i.e. Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa) and advised on financing mechanisms design for NAMA Program applicants. Energy and agriculture linkages and carbon finance complement his expertise. He has worked in 13 African countries and has been collaborating with the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN): scouting ventures, coaching entrepreneurs, inducting financiers. He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics & Policy, a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy (Tufts University), and a BSc degree in Economics. Daniele operates out of Cortona, Italy.