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Janos Bonta

Janos Bonta has 25+ years of experience in investment banking in emerging markets in the field of corporate and project finance, of which 15+ years as a specialist for (renewable) energy structured finance and project development. He has broad experience and an extensive network in the development finance institutions, the commercial banking sector, private equity funds, and of renewable power and impact investors. Janos has led the structuring of complex finance transactions covering pre-financial close development finance, and large structured project finance. His approach is target-driven, focusing on accountability, integrity, team work, bringing parties together, looking for opportunities and solutions, and taking challenges in difficult markets. Following retirement from the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO in April 2018, he joined the GET.invest Finance Catalyst team. He is involved in multiple off-grid renewable power developments in Africa and larger renewable grid-connected transactions. Janos has extensive experience with financing the power technologies in the field of thermal LCO/gas, wind, solar, hydro’s, geothermal, biomass/biogas and off-grid, mini-grids, SHS initiatives.