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Rebecca Symington

Rebecca Symington brings 14 years of involvement in the access to the energy sector. As an Executive Director of a foundation and an Indian private enterprise, she successfully developed a program comprising 40 mini-grids in rural Eastern India which reached 3000 households and increased incomes by 20%. This initiative involved raising capital from impact investors to implement strategies for increasing both mini-grid revenue and community incomes through productive use of energy. During her tenure at Energy 4 Impact and Mercy Corps, Rebecca oversaw a diverse portfolio of access-to-energy programmes in sub-Saharan Africa, encompassing clean cooking, energy-in-agriculture, demand acceleration research and energy in humanitarian contexts. Rebecca has also actively participated in various energy advisory programmes, offering support to innovators and SMEs in the energy sector. Prior to working in energy, Rebecca’s work experience spans 15 years in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and South East Asia, where she contributed to the efforts of several UN agencies in humanitarian contexts. Her overarching goal is to leverage access to energy as a means of improving the lives of underserved communities.

Rebecca is the Geographic Co-ordinator of the GET.invest Finance Catalyst and operates out of Amsterdam and Paris.