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Mozambique: AMER hosts discussion about Covid-19 support

14.07.2020 - 14.07.2020

AMER is starting off a webinar series with its first episode on 14 July 2020, from 2:30 pm to 4:10 pm CAT.

The webinar, supported by GET.invest and GOGLA, covers the topic of “Coping with Covid-19 – A discussion about essential services and support initiatives”. The event will focus on discussing the challenges energy players in Mozambique are facing due to the pandemic and explore potential pathways for a responsible private sector response within government measures.

Companies that develop commercial activities in the renewable energy sector will be invited to share their experience and how Covid-19 has affected them. The webinar will also feature a session on ongoing initiatives that offer financial and technical support to companies in difficulty as a result of the health crisis. GET.invest will provide an overview of the existing support by investors and cooperation partners at the global level, while the EnDev programme will talk about its experience with Covid Pay, a financial instrument to support companies operating in Mozambique. Additionally, a case study from Nigeria and contributions of international sector associations will be presented.

AMER is currently building a network of partnerships with internationally recognised business networks and associations (including ALER, GOGLA, the Alliance for Rural Electrification, SolarPower Europe and others) to enhance AMER’s service delivery for member companies and bring international best-practice to its members. The webinar series is one of the outcomes of these partnerships. The exchange and collaboration with international business associations have been facilitated by GET.invest.

Agenda & Speakers 

  • Introduction & Overview – Covid-19 and Essential Services
    • AMER
  • Perspectives from the PAYGO Sector
    • Fenix – Luke Hodgkinson;
    • SolarWorks! – Pedro Coutinho;
    • Ignite – Miguel Sottomayor
  • Available Support to Companies
    • GET.invest Finance Catalyst – Gregor Paterson-Jones
  • Case Study
    • Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) – Segun Adaju
  • Q&A
    • AMER